Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sugar Scrub Is a "Go"

Wow, wow, WOW! I am so thrilled with the results of my sugar scrub, and I can't wait to have it added to our line. Here's the history of the scrub, and why I'm so excited.

I had been asked about adding bath and body goods to our line for the last several months. I kept reassuring our customers that I was working on recipes, and that we would have some new additions soon. I was thrilled when Jay and I were both able to attend a bath & body class at one of our favorite suppliers a couple of months ago. (Although Jay assured me I would be the point person for the B&B..."I'm not telling people I make soap and bubble bath.")

So the big day arrived, and we got to the showroom early (!!!). The instructor arrived late, and spent the majority of the class plugging her newly-published book. She then proceeded to tell a story about a lotion she made that failed miserably. She ended the story by saying, "This is the lotion we're going to make today."

Umm...huh? Jay and I glanced across our work stations at each other, and I shrugged. We gathered our ingredients, mixed everything together, and stick-blended our little hearts out. We blended for a really long time, without the lotion achieving the "whipped" texture it was supposed to. Then the instructor mentioned we may not get that texture right away. She suggested we take it home and let it rest, assuring us it would be a beautiful rich lotion in the morning.

We went on to try our hand at the sugar scrub, which we partially finished before our class time was up. Jay and I took our half-finished batches of scrub home and played with the recipe a little (we didn't have one of the oils on hand, so we had to substitute).

The next morning, we went to check on our lotion, very excited about what we had concocted. Of course, by now you've probably already guessed that the lotion was a big flop. We tried everything short of standing on our heads to try to get this lotion to set like it was supposed to...nothing.

After that debacle, aside from being furious, I put it to rest. I shoved the lotions and the scrubs in the back of our supplies, and went on my merry way. I researched online, tried a few things, but couldn't come up with something that I loved.

Then, last night, I found the courage to try the scrubs. I came across them several days ago and wasn't sure what to do with them. I've been having problems with ingrown hairs after I shave my legs, so I thought I would try using the scrub to see if the exfoliation would help. Lo and worked beautifully! Even tonight, I don't have any stubble, and my legs still feel remarkably smooth.

I am so thrilled that the scrubs turned out. It makes me a little bummed that I didn't try them sooner, but now that I know I have a good recipe, I plan to make more...and soon!

I'm going to be listing sample packs of our goodies on Etsy, hopefully beginning tomorrow. I will group a sample of the scrub with some bath salts, a small bar of soap, a small bath bomb, and possibly a tart melt or two. Check out the shop here, and look for the scrub and other bath goodies on the full site soon


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