Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hostess Program is Here

Exciting news! After many inquiries from our loyal customers, we are introducing a hostess program! We wanted to keep it very simple, not so complicated you didn't know what you were getting. The program works like this:

When you host an event, you'll get 10% of order totals toward free product. Plus, you'll get one item at 50% off. You can choose to host your party in your own home or online. If you choose to host in your home (or venue of your choice), I will bring all of my items, and you and your guests can sniff to your hearts' content. I will have additional inventory on hand, and you and your guests should be able to take most of your items at that time (excluding any custom orders, of course).

If you choose to host an online party, I will set up a special page on the website where you will direct your shoppers. Each of your guests will have the items shipped directly to their home, and you will still get credit for the orders.

If you have any questions about the Hostess Program, or to host your own event, email me at


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