Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Need of a Day of Rest

I had every intention of going to church today, then coming home and doing nothing. I got up, got ready to go, then proceeded to freak out when I couldn't find my keys. I finally found them, just in time to be late! : (

Instead, I turned to the oft-neglected laundry basket. I got four loads done before I had to call it quits. I decided I had earned some fun time, so I set about catching up on some of the blogs I follow. I'm hoping that some day soon I will have a beautifully designed blog with lots and lots of followers.

I also got caught up on some Etsy news, plus our Fort Worth street team tidbits. We are having a contest for followers of our blog (the team blog, that is). The details are in the Etsy forum, here. Please check out the blog and my fellow Fort Worth artists. There is some real talent in this group!


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