Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy Friday

It took me all day today to cut and organize my 714 coupons, so I didn't get much done in the way of candles. That's not a typo you see. I cut, sorted, and filed 714 coupons (give or take a dozen that I clipped and threw away). Since losing my job a few months ago, Jay and I have tried to be really conscious of what we are spending. I've taken it upon myself to cut coupons - something I have tried and failed at many times in the past.

This time, I have a system. I am using the "binder method." Basically, it is a large 3-ring binder divided into sections. I found the basic sections here, then added a few of my own. (For example, she didn't have a section for pet supplies, and I like to save on my baby girl's *very* expensive food!) Within the sections, I have the coupons sorted into baseball card holders.

So far, it is working out great. I feel much more confident when I shop, knowing that I have a system. I am also less frazzled, and I am *trying* to only buy what's on my list! Just in case you still don't believe me, here's a picture of my binder:

And just because I noticed this picture cut off my head, here's a picture of my face. Hopefully, it's less creepy!

(Please excuse the bare walls and window. I just started using this room as my office, and it's not decorated yet!) I would love to hear any money-saving tips you use. Feel free to share!


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