Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look Mom, I'm Blogging...

...and it's not even midnight yet! I noticed that over the last several days I have been blogging *really* late at night. I'm trying to break that habit, but it seems like that is when my brain just starts going!

So why blog in the middle of the day, you ask? Because I just finished making up a few sets of diffusers (remember, the ones I should have been making yesterday) and I am super excited! We have switched the bottles we use for the diffuser oil, and the new ones are GORGEOUS! I know I am probably the only person you know who gets so excited about packaging, but lemme show you what I mean.

Here is what we were using when we first started making diffusers:

Not a bad looking bottle, right? But then someone asked for just the oil. She said she had a ton of bottles and only needed an oil refill, which...I didn't have. So off we went, back to the place we buy our materials to see what we could see. Our second generation diffuser set looks like this:
Same glass bottle, but this time, the oil comes in a seperate bottle. That way, if all you need is the oil, we just pull that bottle out and you're good to go. (I should mention here that each of these includes a fresh set of reeds. They're not pictured bc they don't fit in the box!) Better.

Now, I am all about being practical, but, this is also something you're going to use in your home. You want it to make a statement, right? That's why I am sooo excited to show the *new* and *improved* SJ Reed Diffusers generation 3.....

Are these a couple of beauties, or what?! I love that they look trendy and chic, but are still obviously functional. They also go very well with our new logo design, which you'll see in an upcoming blog.

Since I'm on a roll with the pictures, I thought I'd end with this one. Check out this handsome guy who, although he still lives with his parents, is among my biggest fans. He brings his mom along to check out the stuff at my shows.
Thanks, Isaac! I appreciate your support!!! XOXO from Aunt Sarah!

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