Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big News!!

OK, I realize that I said I was going to be updating the blog regularly, and I fully intend to do that. One minor thing happened, though, that in "Sarahland" equates to something huge: my computer died! My wonderful, faithful laptop that I have had for the last 2.5 years is finally gone. I now have to start completely over, and it's a little scary. I had *a lot* of stuff on that little laptop. But I will be updating again, now that I am up and (sort of) running with my new laptop. Now on to the big news...

WE HAVE A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT!!! I am so excited about this; it seems like I have been working on this for so long. I kept getting my hopes up, then nothing would happen. See, just about every show that I've done, whether a high school craft show, trade show, or just talking to people about our business, I always have people ask about buying wholesale. I've even had a few that looked really promising, but then nothing would come of it. I was getting so frustrated, and wondering if I could really make it happen. Well, today, it happened!

We still have to work out a lot of the details, but this is so encouraging.

Gotta run, have a pot of Leather and one of Lime Vanilla Royal on the stove.


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